Our Pilates & Gyrotonic® Team

Tracy FrohlickPilates & Gyrotonic® Director
Level 4 Instructor
PhysicalMind Institute Full Certification
Yamuna Body Rolling™ Level 2 Certification
Cranial Sacral Advanced Level Certification

I believe everyday is an opportunity for progress. My passion for movement and my belief in the body’s ability to transform itself encompasses my holistic approach to help clients attain their goals. With over 30-years of dance and movement training, teaching continues to excite me as the science of movement evolves to further our understanding of the body. My goal is help people relearn how to function without pain, making both work and play easier and more enjoyable for them.

Doug HamburghLevel 4 Instructor
STOTT PILATES® Full Certification
Gyrotonic® Level 2 Certification
Franklin Method® Level 1 Certification

I have been helping people forge a deeper connection with their bodies for thirty five years, giving them the tools to relieve the pain and physical limitations brought on by both injury and the imbalances incurred by habitual patterning. Activating deep muscle engagement through learning to initiate movement from your core is a wellspring for achieving a strong, responsive body. Optimal fitness and health are achieved through the journey of continuously rediscovering your body’s innate power through its unique economy. My specialty is helping you on this journey.

Markham GarthLevel 3 Instructor
Gyrotonic® Level 2 Certification
Gyrokinesis® Level 2 Certification

It is apparent that our cosmopolitan lifestyle, awkward ergonomic environment, and busy stress-driven life has really compromised and corroded important links within our physical vitality resulting in chronic pain, poor posture and shallow breathing. I am passionately dedicated to repairing that breach and providing solutions for more powerful training. I will assist with your immediate aesthetic concerns and optimizing sport regimes. However, I believe we should not take our eye off of the benefit of resolving underlying issues. My goal is that we develop a sound foundation for physically dynamic, unimpeded bodies for our senior years. Tomorrow’s pain free body starts today.

Su GoralLevel 2 Instructor
STOTT PILATES® Full Certification
Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 Certification

In a previous life I lived in chronic pain and Pilates was the needed breakthrough in my healing process. Several years later, I became certified as a Pilates instructor and I have never looked back. I enjoy every day, with every client, and am grateful for the injury in my late 20’s because it has given me another take on life, and a stronger, healthier body in my 40’s. I want to share my passion with my clients to give them a better body in the next decade then they had in the last.