Women's Fitness Focus

The city's top women executives need the perfect place to workout, connect, and unwind. At the Adelaide Club, we offer a dedicated gym for women, accessible directly through the women's locker room, along with a number of women focused programs, a team of incredible female trainers, and access to the Adelaide Spa.

Trainer working with a member in the women's gym at the Adelaide Club

Women's Gym

Our women's only gym was designed by women, for women. The gym's comfortable atmosphere allows our Members to focus on their workouts, relax, and unwind, leaving the day's stresses at the door. Additionally, for our Members' convenience, the women's gym can be accessed directly through the women's locker room.

Female trainer working with a female client

Personal Training

When you have a fitness program, designed specifically for you, you want to see tangible results. You want your trainer to understand how you move and the best ways to motivate you. Our team of incredible female trainers are here to help. Let them create programs perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Let them guide you through your workouts and help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

Diverse group of women

Group Fitness Classes

Our wide array of boutique-style workouts guarantees that we offer a class for everyone. Whether you're trying to restart your fitness journey, continuing to strive towards your goals, or trying to maintain your new peak, the best group fitness program in the city has something perfect for you.

Woman playing squash at the Adelaide Club

Squash Drop-In

Our squash program is perfect for everyone. With ladders, leagues, and tournaments offered all year long, opportunities abound for the most experienced among our Members and those new to the court. In addition, stay tuned for information about our newly created women's clinics, coming soon.

Treatment room at the Adelaide Spa

Adelaide Spa

Our beautiful and serene spa, hidden away in the heart of downtown Toronto, accessible through the PATH, welcomes everyone. With services tailored for you and your busy schedule, our team of aestheticians will provide the treatments you crave. Enjoy a range of phenomenal aesthetic services.

Woman at the desk

"Why women are remarkable AND different" Workshop

Like all bodies, women’s bodies are meant to move. We are stronger, healthier, and happier when regular activity is a part of our lives.

And women are built differently than men in both subtle and not so subtle ways. From hip width to hormones to HIIT Training, Meg Sharp - our Health & WellBeing Expert - explores and celebrates the mechanical, physiological, and mental factors that are unique to most women. Her insights and practical advice will help you create exercise opportunities that are safer, more fun, and deliver better results.

Click here to book this workshop today and embrace a chance to celebrate the women in your workplace and your life.

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